You need to plan to create wealth!

There is a period in each person’s life where there is an opportunity to create wealth. It is important to be aware of your opportunity. For most people this time is when they are maximising their earning potential either through their job or through their business. Before you get in to the detail of wealth creation there are a number of questions you need to consider. These are:

  • What are my short, medium and long term financial objectives?
  • What are my financial needs?
  • What is my current financial position?
  • What is my attitude to risk?
  • What are the building Blocks of Wealth creation?

The building blocks or key pillars in wealth creation are the same pillars that form the basis of your PersonalEconomy. You must maximize efficiency in all areas or your Personal Economy to form a solid base from which to capture and develop wealth creation opportunities.

A full “Financial Health Check” is a key step in assessing your current financial situation.

The Financial Health Check will achieve two things:

  • It will examine your current financial position and identify any inefficiencies.
  • It will help set out your short, medium and long term financial objectives.

Prepare recommendations and set out the relevant steps that need to be taken to reach your financial objectives

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