Pension Services

MCN Associates will act as Competent and Professional advisers to any company pension scheme

MCN Associates can design and develop appropriate pension structures to suit each individual company’s needs. 

MCN Associates can take over the administration of existing pension and AVC schemes. 

MCN Associates will commit to holding one to one meetings with all employees regardless of numbers. As part of this we can also provide each individual staff member with full tax and financial planning services. 

MCN Associates can act as Trustees or support and advise existing Trustees in fulfilling their regulatory requirements 

Liam McNamara & Associates Limited t/a MCN Associates is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Registered in the Republic of Ireland, No 444835 Registered Office: 1st Floor, 12/13 Whitefriars, Peter’s Row Aungier Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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Our Mission Statement is to be as relevant as possible to our clients in their personal and corporate development in a cost effective and supportive manner.

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