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It is important that every aspect of your business is running as efficiently as possible. The more time that is taken from your day dealing with accountancy inefficiencies, the less time you will have to develop and grab hold of business opportunities. Below are some of the key questions that need to be reviewed with regards to your corporate accountancy:

  • How is your business structured at present?
  • Is your business fully compliant with Revenue and with the Company Registration Office?
  • Is Cash Flow management a problem?
  • Have you a business plan in place to enable the expansion and development of your business?
  • Is Payroll an unnecessary burden taking up too much of your time?

MCN Associates can help to ensure that your business runs efficiently and is fully compliant. We will review and plan the overall structure of your business so that you can worry about driving the business forward. We combine our knowledge of Accountancy, Taxation and overall financial planning to provide advice and ongoing support to you and your business.

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Our Mission Statement is to be as relevant as possible to our clients in their personal and corporate development in a cost effective and supportive manner.

Liam McNamara
Liam McNamara